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Our History

The Holton Community Hospital was formally opened on May 12th, 1938. The original hospital was located at 418 West 5th Street. Dr. Roy Moser and Dr. Ernest Moser purchased the property and had it remodeled by local people into a suitable facility. After being in operation for only a year the hospital was quickly becoming cramped so an addition was planned. Four new rooms, a nursery, a basement and an elevator were all added by 1940. In 1945 they built new clinic offices with a pharmacy. The rooms in the hospital that had been used for offices were now turned into patient rooms adding eight additional beds making a total of twenty-one. On July 1st, 1948 Dr. Ross Moser joined Dr. Roy & Dr. Ernest in practice. In 1949 a new wing was added to the existing building. It was a one story fire-resistant building made of Haydite blocks. It stood in front of the old frame building and was connected to it by an enclosed ramp. This unit was entirely patient rooms because the kitchen, operating room, delivery room and X-Ray room were in the old building. In 1954 an additional building program was planned. It consisted of twelve new patient rooms all having private half-baths. Since this new addition was to replace most of the old building, it also had a nursery, delivery room, operating room, central supply, sterilizing room, medicine room, formula room, nurses dining room, offices, kitchen and space for radiology services with a dark room. The old original frame building was then demolished. In 1957 a new addition to the Moser Clinic building was completed as it was becoming too crowded. This new addition included a second larger waiting room, four exam rooms, an emergency room, laboratory and eye examination room. In 1966 the administrative demands of Medicare started to increase leaving less time for patient care so the decision was made to give the hospital to the City of Holton. At this time the Holton Hospital became the Holton City Hospital and was controlled by an elected three-member hospital board that hired a full time administrator. In 1972 Dr. Roy & Dr. Ernest retired from the practice. In 1985 Frank Gilliland, the registered pharmacist at the clinic, purchased the clinic building. He built a new structure on the west side of the Moser Clinic building and east side of the Holton City Hospital that would allow space for two more doctors. Dr. Ross Moser retired from practice on August 1, 1985. As time continued and more expansion and updating was needed the hospital board started looking into updating the existing structure or constructing a whole new facility. The decision was made in 1990 to change the name of the hospital from Holton City Hospital to Holton Community Hospital to reflect the broadened support. In 1993 a fundraising campaign began with the intention of building a new hospital facility. Fundraising continued over the next four years. Construction of the new facility began in September of 1997 and was completed in November of 1998. The new facility opened its doors on January 4, 1999.

Through the years we have helped generation after generation reach better health. Our organization has been striving to serve the needs of our region since we were established. We here at Holton Community Hospital are loyal to our community and will continue to strive for excellence in healthcare.

Being part of the community has been an important goal throughout the years, and with your help and loyalty we can continue to provide health services that you can depend on.